Norris surprise at Attwell decision

Referee Stuart Attwell suspended play for 15 minutes during the second half to allow groundstaff to clear snow from the pitch but then allowed play to resume - much to the surprise and delight of Norris.

Norris said: "I've never played in anything like that before. I played pub football in similar conditions when I was 18, for the Lord Westwood pub, and I think that was called off!

"Once we were going in to the dressing rooms, I thought that was it. That was the referee's chance. If he was going to call it off, then I thought he would do it then.

"It was not going to get any better in 10 minutes; if anything it was going to get worse. So I didn't expect us to come back out.

"Yet once we did, I didn't expect it to be called off. It would have been a difficult decision for the ref to call it off, when we were 3-0 up."

Source: PA

Source: PA