Naylor Raps Wind-up Warnock in North Stand Flare-up

Last updated : 16 January 2006 By Russell Claydon
Warnock could face fine
The incident occurred at the end of the match, when Warnock went over to the North Stand and gestured with his fingers the score of the match. The Blades failure to win meant it was 32 years since their last victory at Portman Road. They maanged to secure a point through Danny Webber's goal, 13 minutes from time.

Richard Naylor, affectionately known to the Town faithful as 'Bam-Bam', was involved in a flare-up with the unpopular manager when he went over to Warnock at the North Stand end, he said of the incident: "Neil Warnock looked as if he was winding up the crowd and I didn't take too kindly to it.

"I approached him and told him to get off the pitch. I was disappointed at us only getting a point and, perhaps, I let my frustration boil over a little, but I genuinely thought that he was doing the wrong thing by going over to the North Stand crowd and doing the 1-1 gesture.

"I didn't touch him and it was a question of handbags at 10 paces, although there was a bit of verbal. You could see the fans thought he was out of order and I certainly did.

"If he wants to go around doing things like that then that is up to him, I suppose, but you don't see the top managers doing things like that."

Warnock could face a fine for the incident, after the referre noted it in his match report. Mr Warnock tried to defend himself by saying:

"His eyes bulged and he called me a few things that were unpintable. But he got the wrong end of the stick. All I was trying to do was tell the fans the final result - 1 - 1."

ITFM suspects that the Ipswich fans were well aware of the result already Mr Warnock!