Magilton confirms Leeds interest

Last updated : 11 July 2006 By Sam Davidson
The EADT reports that Town Manager Jim Magilton last night confirmed Leeds wanted Currie and that Harding was an option.

He said: “Leeds have expressed an interest in Darren Currie and we have said we would be interested in a left-back. Danny Harding's name has come to the fore but that is as far as it has gone so far.

“Nothing has been made firm by Leeds and we have not decided anything.”

20 year-old Harding who is six feet tall, can play left-back or at centre-half, and moved to Leeds From Brighton in a deal worth £850,000

Trialists Eugen Bopp and Colin Healy are believed to have been told they will not be offered deals with Town although third trialist Alexis Bertin is being given a further match to prove his worth.