Keane Wants Nasty Streak from Naive Town

Last updated : 03 April 2010 By Site Editor
The former Sunderland boss has been under pressure from various sections of the media in the last seven days, with some national newspapers claiming the Irishman was set to be relieved of his duties this week, however Keane is still in place to take charge of today's clash against Reading.

Speaking to the EADT of his wish to change the club, Keane said: "You've got to have that nasty streak, in certain times of the game. There's nothing wrong with being nice. My Dad always said it's nice to be nice.

"But I think we are generally a naïve team. The team has lacked a few characters. Other teams, going into injury-time, take time with throw-ins and injuries, or time-waste. It's not outright cheating. There's a cuteness to it."

Keane also defended comments made last week that the club was too nice and the image needed to change but claimed it was not aimed at the staff: "When I've said in the past that the club is too "nicey, nicey," I didn't mean the people at the club.

"I just mean that the players have to be more streetwise. And by that I don't mean a club around the ear!"