Reading Vs Ipswich - Head to Head

Last updated : 09 January 2004 By Site Editor
At Reading (17)At Ipswich Town (19)
Reading847.06Ipswich Town1263.16
Ipswich Town741.18Reading421.05
Reading281.65Ipswich Town402.11
Ipswich Town321.88Reading241.26
On Neutral Ground (0)Overall (36 matches)
Ipswich Town00.00Ipswich Town1952.78
Ipswich Town00.00Ipswich Town722.00
Highest Aggregate7Ipswich Town 5 - 2Reading1996/1997
Highest Reading score:4Reading 4 - 0Ipswich Town1951/1952
Highest Ipswich Town score:5Reading 1 - 5Ipswich Town1955/1956
2003/2004Sat 09 AugIpswich Town1 - 1ReadingLeague Division One
2002/2003Tue 18 MarIpswich Town3 - 1ReadingLeague Division One
Sat 19 OctReading3 - 1Ipswich TownLeague Division One
1997/1998Sat 28 MarIpswich Town1 - 0ReadingLeague Division One
Sat 22 NovReading0 - 4Ipswich TownLeague Division One
1996/1997Sat 22 MarReading1 - 0Ipswich TownLeague Division One
Sat 24 AugIpswich Town5 - 2ReadingLeague Division One
1995/1996Sat 06 AprIpswich Town1 - 2ReadingLeague Division One
Sat 28 OctReading1 - 4Ipswich TownLeague Division One
1987/1988Sat 02 AprReading1 - 1Ipswich TownSecond Division
Sat 07 NovIpswich Town2 - 1ReadingSecond Division
1986/1987Sat 09 MayIpswich Town1 - 1ReadingSecond Division
Sat 13 DecReading1 - 4Ipswich TownSecond Division
1956/1957Sat 02 MarReading1 - 3Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
Sat 20 OctIpswich Town4 - 2ReadingThird Division (South)
1955/1956Sat 10 MarIpswich Town3 - 3ReadingThird Division (South)
Sat 29 OctReading1 - 5Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
1953/1954Sat 23 JanIpswich Town0 - 1ReadingThird Division (South)
Sat 21 NovIpswich Town4 - 1ReadingF.A. Cup
Sat 12 SepReading3 - 1Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
1952/1953Sat 03 JanReading1 - 1Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
Sat 30 AugIpswich Town1 - 2ReadingThird Division (South)
1951/1952Sat 29 DecReading4 - 0Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
Sat 01 SepIpswich Town4 - 2ReadingThird Division (South)
1950/1951Sat 30 DecIpswich Town0 - 2ReadingThird Division (South)
Sat 02 SepReading2 - 0Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
1949/1950Sat 14 JanIpswich Town2 - 0ReadingThird Division (South)
Sat 10 SepReading3 - 1Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
1948/1949Sat 22 JanReading2 - 1Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
Sat 11 SepIpswich Town3 - 2ReadingThird Division (South)
1947/1948Sat 14 FebReading1 - 2Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
Sat 27 SepIpswich Town1 - 0ReadingThird Division (South)
1946/1947Sat 01 FebReading1 - 3Ipswich TownThird Division (South)
Sat 28 SepIpswich Town2 - 0ReadingThird Division (South)
1938/1939Wed 03 MayIpswich Town2 - 1ReadingThird Division (South)
Sat 24 SepReading2 - 1Ipswich TownThird Division (South)

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