New Message Board Now Online

Last updated : 06 January 2009 By Site Editor
Please be aware that all existing accounts have carried over to the new board, but you ideally should login with the email address connected to your message board username rather than the username itself. For more information please view the note at the foot of this article.

Click here to visit the new messageboard

Thank you for your patience during the upgrade which has enabled us to add extra features to the message board to improve the experiencing of using them.We will outline some of the newer features below:

When viewing messages the following features are now available
- Ability to Quote Posts
- Member Sign-Up Date
- Rank Images based on post number (Trialist, Reserves, First Team, International, Hall of Fame)
- Total Number of posts
- Online status (Light Bulb next to name
- Moderators indicated by whistle next to username

New Message Viewing Interface (Topic View)


The board layout has been refreshed with more use of icons instead of text with clearer to read text and a wider page to allow more information to be displayed on one screen. Both threaded and topic view have been reworked to

New Board Index & Threaded View


The message posting interface has also been reworked for the following improvements:
- Brand new set of smiles
- Much expanded text area to allow for posts to be made easier
- Inclusion of BB Code, such as bold, italic, underline, links, wiki links, coding, tables etc.
- Avatars will be able to be displayed after a user reaches 250 posts.

New Posting Interface


As part of the upgrade, there are some important changes to the way you login to the messageboard.

In an effort to standardise the accounts over the footymad network, we will shortly be moving to an email address based login system which will mean one login for the whole of the footymad network, which which will allow you to login to Beat the Manager, Newsletter Updates and the Messageboard using one set of registration details.

So to login to the messageboard going forward, your email address registered to your messageboard account should ideally be used for login. However, you will initially be allowed to login using your username, but please do then update any out-of-date email address at the earliest opportunity (using the 'Change Details' facility).