Support Your Team!

Last updated : 10 April 2009 By Jonathan Bullock
It seemed the case for the last three months of 2008 that the minority of ITFC supporters views were getting more air time on local radio and more print in various media domains. The fact is in football as in any walk of working life that sometimes a step back in order to take a couple forward is necessary.

Ipswich by comparison have invested in the team and clearly this has not created a short term fix. And why should it. Our squad is very good on the whole although we do as many others do have some square pegs in round holes.

Confidence is an issue with any performer and for sure this is an area that has lacked over the season so far. Is this bad management by Jim Magilton ? I believe not. Is this about players not being bothered? I don't think so. The fact of the matter is that negativity from the stands on match days is having an influence on the team.

Just imagine if 20000 people sat and watched us do our jobs and groaned at every mistake we made. Would we feel like tackling the daily tasks with confidence and passion? No we wouldn't. How fantastic would it be if Portman Road was alive with a great atmosphere and positive encouragement as opposed to groans then silence etc. We pay our money we want success.

Why not increase the chances of the team doing well , playing slick on the front foot football , creating an abundance of chances and leaving us feeling positive by supporting the team come what may. The doom mongers might then find something else to moan about and wouldn't Portman Road be a great place to visit.

One last point. The biggest cheer that happens at Portman Road if we don't score a goal is predetermined by the score in the match that Norwich are playing if they are losing at half time and have lost at full time. That says a lot. I believe Back the players make some serious noise and 2009 will be better for certain.

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